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Moving well is key to health and aging well, and takes smart exercise, nutrition and daily StrongPosture™ Exercise.


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Whether you're a professional or a consumer, we have the tools to help you strengthen your posture and stand taller to live longer.

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How Your Posture creates Your Pain

(and even  Arthritis and Joint Breakdown)

Poor posture stresses joints & strains muscles, but people often rationalize it as "normal, everyday" low grade pain, and get through the day with a pill. However...


Poor, "weak" posture stressing other links in the body's chain of motion.  When you compensate and move differently you set the stage for injury when you just "move wrong" and something "goes out".  Posture compensation and posture adaptation are common causes of pain in the:


Arms, Elbows, Wrists & Hands

Upper Back
Mid Back
Lower Back
Sacro Iliac

Hip, Knee, Leg, Ankle & Foot

Integrating Posture and Breath
Breathe Deep and Wide

Stronger breathing improves performance, cardiac health, and is an integral part of strengthening posture. The Wall Street Journal just reported how breathing better not only helps opera singers, but athletes as well.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a proud supporter of the Body Zone and the online posture resources it provides to those seeking professional training or self-help solutions.

The Human Body Is Designed to Move

Motion-The 1st Posture Principle

The old saying is "Use it or lose it." In truth, it should be "Use it to keep it" or perhaps even ...

The Body Learns to Move in the Patterns You Teach It...
Compensation- The 4th Posture Principle

...and Pain Teaches You to Move Differently.

When you compensate, you move asymmetrically. In the race of life, the person running with one shoe off and one shoe on is a lot less likely to win...